The crowing cockeral and chirping birds announce the coming of each dawn and the establishment of even the smallest of education or academic institution announces the arrival of yet more of educational opportunity in our society.


"Imagination is more important than knowledge". A proper imagination and its subsequent application in the right way lead to proper and complete knowledge. "Knowledge is power" is rightfully said and written. In our cyber age, it can be said that a society without knowledge is a null set. Knowledge is indispensible.


The responsibility of imparting knowledge begins at home but it is given a proper shape in academic institution and finally it is polished to its brillance in colleges and universities. The bridge between childhood and a complete man/woman is made of materials that include robust dedication and effort of teachers, supports of parents and the society as a whole.


A single step in education is an achievement towards gaining knowledge, and the quality of knowledge depends on the step taken. Educational institute should take such steps in education that would be of greater benefits to children of our society. Though there are academic institutions of greater benifits to our society, yet there are other academic institutes which need to put in more dedication in their rendering of services to children of our society. A mere establishment of a school and consequent enrolment of students are just not enough. There are much more to be applied. The academic head and management of academic institution should strive in such a way so as to make each child an indispensible citizen of India. Our children are the future generation of India. In this cyber age, they need to be equipped with proper knowledge. Selection of the right text books, trained and experienced faculty and enforcing the right way of imparting education will automatically equip our children with proper knowledge.


Educational institute should aim at moulding student into better human being first and instill in them the principle of justice, honesty, tolerence, patriotism and discipline.


There should be an integrated approach to education that optimizes brain functioning study of traditional disciplines and systematically unfolds the creative intelligence of each student. This certainly would announce A DAWN AND A BRIGHT FUTURE OF EACH CHILD.............YOUR CHILD




School Principal receiving "SHIKSHA BHARTI PURASKAR" for excellency in education on a national basis in New Delhi



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