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Prince English School was established in March 2004 as an independent school and it is run by PRINCE EDUCATIONAL TRUST.


Governing Body of the School:

The school has a properly constituted governing body responsible to maintain the school on a reasonable standard of efficiency.


Aim of Prince English School:

The School aims at providing an all-round education upto Class-XII (Senior Secondary) and educate boys and girls intellectually, morally, spiritually and physically to inculcate the right principles of conduct with many interests in many things. The school aims at moulding students into better human beings first and then instills in them the principles of Justice, Honesty, Tolerance, Patriotism and Discipline.


Prince English School offers:

Prince English School offers an integrated approach to Education that optimizes brain functioning, study of traditional disciplines and systematically unfolds the creative intelligence of each student.


Medium of Instruction:

The Medium of instruction is English and special importance is given to maintain a high standard for English.


Teaching Staff:

The school is aware of knowledge explosion, scientific & technological changes that leads to change in the values & norms of society. So every effort is made to keep in touch with the modern methods of education and teaching and to achieve this, the school appoints not only qualified and experienced teachers, but also teachers who understand the requirements, identify talents and allow children to grow at their own pace.



Special attention is given to ensure a high standard of morality and discipline in the school. All students are taught ethics, manners, and etiquette so as to make them soft and delicate in behaviors.


Test and Report:

From Class Nursery to Class XII, regular report will keep parents informed of the progress of their child. Parents must sign all reports, notices, Test copies, classwork / homework when asked to do so. This is only in the interest of their ward. To enable the parents to know the progress as regarding their ward, parents are requested to meet the Headmaster / Principal.


Accommodations: -


The School’s infrastructure is adequate for accommodating the numbers and sex of pupils attending the School.


The School is accommodated in rented buildings as per a registered agreement for a period “ AT WILL “. The school has proposed plan to purchase its own land and construct a School Building there very soon.


The School has sufficient classrooms, which are well ventilated and well lit to accommodate student most comfortably.



Facilities: -


Computer Lab: We have well equipped air-conditioned computer lab to train students as per syllabus.


Playroom: The school provides a playroom for pre-primary students only.


Continuous Power Supply: Arrangements are made to ensure a continuous power supply and for this the school has arranged for a generator / inverter.


Purified Water: Arrangements are made to ensure a supply of clear and bacteria free drinking water to our students.


Laboratory: There are fully equipped laboratories for practical classes.


Library: The School has well equipped library for the use of its staff and pupils.


Audio & Video: There are provisions for organising video and audio programs in the school assembly room.


Co-Curricular & Cultural Activities: The School organizes sports, games, debates, quiz competitions and films of educational and social interest.


School Uniform:




Boys: Maroon shorts/ trouser, off-white shirt, school tie, school badge, school belt, black shoe and white socks with maroon bands.


Girls: Maroon frock as per school pattern, school tie, school badge, school belt, black shoe and white socks with maroon bands. (Senior girls have to wear off-white salwar and dupatta along with the frock)


P.T Uniform: Off-white uniform (as per school pattern)


Winter :


Same uniform with maroon coloured pullover / cardigan (as per school pattern)


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